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Power supply

power jack

The power supply is the device that changes the electricity into the power needed to run the Laptop/MAC/PC.  When the power supply starts to malfunction, the Laptop/MAC/PC won’t turn on.  If the Laptop/MAC/PC that is running at the time the power supply fails, the Laptop/MAC/PC will shut off and won’t turn on again until the power supply is replaced.

Users might initially freak out and exclaim “OH MY GOD! My Laptop/MAC/PC  died on me with all my documents, programs, pictures and music that I bought on iTunes (around $500!!!).”  The user has every right to panic, however, it isn’t necessary to do so.  Unless the user is extremely unlucky and other computer components failed or malfunctions at the same time as the power supply, the information stored on the hard drive inside the Laptop/MAC/PC is safe.  The user will get back these files once the power supply is replaced.

A user can mostly like figure out if the power supply is the computer component that fail.  For MAC/PCs, the power supply will make a zapping sound followed by a scent of something burning (if the user can’t hear the zapping sound, then the user will most definitely smell the burning power supply).  Hopefully, you had quickly unplugged the computer.  At this point the user can either bring the MAC/PC to a local repair shop (like New York Laptop Repair) to replace the power supply or DIY.  If the option is the latter, then do the research on buying the right power supply and take precautions when installing the new power supply into your MAC/PC.  The last thing your aiming for is causing some type of electricity surge to go through the MAC/PC and damaging the various computer components.

When researching for the right power supply, the user needs to review the specification of how many watts each computer component needs.  For MAC/PCs, many parts need to be considered such as, the monitor, the motherboard, the CPU, the graphics card, and other components that add to the overall watts used (such as extra cooling fans withing the tower).  The user will also have to look for the correct connectors needed to plug into the computer components.  It’s important to note that certain manufactures produce proprietary parts for their computers.  This means that their products are not likely available to buy at retail stores.  If your power supply turns out to be proprietary, then the user will have to contact the manufacture either to get it repair there or to buy the part.  (Proprietary parts have the disadvantage of not upgrading parts).

The laptop power supply plugs into the power cord.  If the power supply for a laptop fails, it’s usually a case of wear and tear.  The parts of the power supply for laptops most likely to fail is the DC plug (the part that goes into the laptop) or the power supply.  Some power supplies made by certain manufactures are known for being poorly design.  The DC plug end is constantly bent and pulled.  Eventually the wires of DC plug will fray and the connection won’t work.  Even the best designed power supply/power cord  are vulnerable.  It could snap in some kind of accident or get chewed on by the family pet.  Once the wires are expose,  the user should just get a replacement power supply to avoid weird surges of electricity that could damage the laptop.

If the laptop power supply fails or malfunctions (for the most part) it is easily replaceable.  However, the cost will vary depending on where the power supply is bought from.  New York Laptop Repair recommend that any laptop power supply replacement should be genuine (made by the same manufacture as your laptop and is specified for use with the exact same laptop).  The risk in buying any random power supply for the laptop are the following.  The voltage needed for the laptop and the voltage produced by the power supply have to match.  If the user buys a replacement  power supply without doing their research could end up with the wrong type of voltage.  For instance, if the laptop needs 19 volts and the power supply only produces 16 volts, the laptop will not receive the correct amount of power it needs to run properly.  This will cause damage to the laptop in the long run.  However, its very likely that the user won’t even get to that stage because power supply’s with different voltage have different DC plugs.   A 16 volt power supply won’t fit into the power jack meant for a 19 volt power supply.  Thus you have just wasted money.

New York Laptop Repair can’t stress enough how fundamental it is to buy quality products. Remember, never purchase questionable replacement parts.  Power supplies for MAC/PCs need the correct amount of watts for all the computer components to run smoothly.  MAC/PCs also need the correct connectors for the computer components otherwise, it won’t run.  For laptops, always buy genuine replacements.  Put the time in researching for Laptop/MAC/PC replacement parts.  You don’t want to end up with products that won’t work correctly.

If you have any questions, give us an email or call 646-368-8307.  If your Laptop/MAC/PC has further problems that wasn’t fixed by replacing the power supply, stop by New York Laptop Repair’s office to get your Laptop/MAC/PC diagnosed.

ac adaptor


Over the past decade viruses have made the internet an increasingly hostile cyber environment for all internet users.

Cyber crimes are launched at a broad pool of victims through viruses, adware, spyware and now fake antivirus programs.  Viruses can infiltrate laptops and PCs at any time.  Unless you already have one of these services, there’s nothing that prevents sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, from being stolen during your regular surfing activities (i.e. online shopping, surfing, and downloading the internet).

Security service providers observed a 30% increase in network and Web‐based security events over a 4‐month period among their clients.  The number of events rose from 1.8 billion to 2.5 billion events per day.

Technical vulnerabilities can be resolved by using firewalls or a antivirus program.  However, other vulnerabilities can compromise you.   This can include  unsecured Wi-Fi connections, outdated Antivirus programs, and using peer-to-peer applications (Bit Torrent).  Just these few applications can leave your PC exposed to malware (malicious software such as viruses, adware, spyware, worms, trojans, dialler, hijackers, backdoor and fake antivirus programs).  Definitely use a reliable antivirus program on every Laptop/MAC/PC you own to reduce any exposure to cyber crimes.

It is important to note that all laptops and PC’s are susceptible to catching a virus (or any kind of malaware).  You are not protect just because your computer runs on a different operating system than Windows.  Though it’s more common that Windows users are affect with viruses than users with other operating systems, with the rise in popularity for MAC systems, viruses specifically made for MACs are increasing.

Malware such as viruses, adware, spyware, worms, trojans, dialler, hijackers, backdoor and fake antivirus programs are caught and alters they way you PC/MAC/Laptop behaves in various ways.

Viruses are download from a file.  When that file is run, the virus installs on to the Laptop/MAC/PC.  Viruses then either spread to other computers or can steal credit card information, bank account information, etc.  Spyware is downloaded and installed the same way as a virus.  Spyware observers the users internet habits, like what pages the user goes to.  Certain spyware installs a keylog which records every keystroke the user has typed on the Laptop/MAC/PC.  This means that if the user does online banking, the keylog has recorded the user name and password to log on to the user’s bank account.  For users who do online shopping, the keylog records the credit card number.  Dialler malware is used by hackers to call up sex phone lines (the one’s that charge a premium rate per minute on the phone line).  The cost of this is passed on to the unsuspecting user.  Backdoor malware takes advantage of security flaws from websites that hasn’t upgraded to the recommended security measures.  As the user enters one of these backdoor websites, the malware remotely takes control of the user’s Laptop/MAC/PC.  The user’s Laptop/MAC/PC then acts as a medium to launch an attack onto other computers or illegally distributes copyrighted media.

Vista and Windows 7’s security audits have amped up their security measures to protect users from catching a virus.  These measures are making it difficult for hackers to acquire sensitive information through hacking  Laptop/MAC/PCs.  However, we are seeing the emergence of websites being hacked.  If a site is hacked or hijacked (done by taking advantage of weak security measures in the website), the first time a internet user accesses a site, an frightening display messages will appear warning the Laptop/MAC/PC user that their sysptem is infected with a virus.   The users will then be prompted to pay a fee to download the antivirus program to remove the virus.  In actuality though by clicking to download the program, the user unwittingly is downloading a fake antivirus program.  The user has just downloaded the fake antivirus program/virus onto their Laptop/MAC/PC.

Websites are vulenurable if the webmaster of the sites have not download the newest security audits for their site’s content management system.  Any internet user with their own blog sites or websites are at risk.  It’s best to update to the newest version of content management systems to take advantage of beefed up security audits.

If your Laptop/MAC/PC is already infected with a virus, here are some common tall tale sign to look out for.

-Does the Laptop/MAC/PC get spammed with pop ups.

-Does the Laptop/MAC/PC also run slower than normal/doesn’t respond

-Are programs not opening or function as they normally should

-Is  the Laptop/MAC/PC restarting on it’s own

-Is the user having problems/completely blocked from logging onto the internet

Please note that any one specific problem from above doesn’t mean the user has a virus.  It could be do to changes in a programs such as an update or an hardware issue.  However, a combination of the above symptoms as well as any others list here, it is very likely that the user has caught a virus.

Viruses are not the only type of malware to be on the watch for.  Adware,

For information on the names of fake antivirus programs  just emerging, links to removal procedures, and details about how the fake antivirus programs work and affect your Laptop/MAC/PC, go to the Tech News section of New York Laptop Repair.

New York Laptop Repair offers computer related services such as virus removal.  Stop by our Midtown office to get a diagnostic.  Or give  a call at New York Laptop Repair: 646-368-8307.



The motherboard is a very complex and fragile system.  Once  the motherboard craps out, it has to be replace.  Though there are a few cases where soldering can repair it.

Any number of things can go wrong with the motherboard!  A brief list includes:  short circuiting, overheating (dust compiling or keeping the laptop on a pillow or bed surface), spilling liquids, users who try to “upgrade BIOS” but clearly don’t have a clue what they’re doing and even rusting due to a highly humidified neighborhoods (we’re looking at you Long Island!)

All you have to do to prevent your precious motherboard from crashing is to make sure it stays cool and dust free.  Please invest a little money into caring for your laptop and it will serve you well.



When touchpad problems occur usually a number of things have to be looked at.  Typical problems included liquid spillage, time-related events, or manufacturing issues.

If touchpad response is slow most likely the laptop is too old and simple start ups overburden the device.  Most touchpads, unfortunately, live for about 3-4 years on average.  If consulting our technicians, it usually takes up to 30 minutes to determine what the issues are and another 2 hours to get it back up and running.

If deciding whether it’s worth repairing an old laptop, consider the following.  Though the cost of a new laptop is approximately 500 for an average performing laptop, there’s also the time put into set up for your device (such as programs and transferring data) and of course there’s always the risk of the new laptop malfunctioning at some point.

Overall, if something goes wrong with your touchpad or trackpoint, double-check the peripherals.  It doesn’t hurt to perform a diagnostic on other parts as well.

Keyboard Problems

keyboardWith regular laptop use, the keyboards eventually becomes grimy and the keys get stuck.

This happens if the user’s hands are dirty from eating food.  Not only does the keyboard buildup grime over time but the stuck keys effect the overall performance.  In some cases, this is an easy fix.  However, what if you spill coffee on it?

Depending on the type of fluid and how quick the user reacts, there could be no damage to the keyboard and laptop (which is possible if it’s only water).  Sugary liquids will leave a sticky residue and parts might have to be replaced.

There are spill-proof laptops on the market.  While convenient, it isn’t completely safe to jostle the laptop around.  Be cautious when traveling with your laptop.

Hard Drives

hard drive

It’s a common scenario.  One day you turn on your Laptop/MAC/PC.  Instead of the familiar Operating System logo (Linux/Windows/Mac/etc) there is nothing displayed on the screen.  Or even worse, you see the blue screen of death.  As the realization of something terrible has happened you think “My computer’s dead!”  Have you lost weeks of work, hours of free time, important files or sentimental picture?  Maybe even your job?

Well the good news is that Laptop/MAC/PC isn’t dead. The bad news is, the hard drive is malfunctioning. The hard drive is the part of a Laptop/MAC/PC is constantly in use.  While the Laptop/MAC/PC is running, the hard drive is continuously spinning at 5400 rotations per minutes.  The hard drive is always in a state ready to fetch the necessary information when you need.  Eventually the mechanical parts wear out – taking on average 3 – 5 years until the disaster strikes.

There are plenty of signs before the hard drive becomes completely disabled.  Usually the Operating System like Microsoft Windows becomes very slow, unstable, crashes with blue screens, disk not found errors on a start up, etc…

Prevention is the key.  However, if the problem has developed past the prevention point then there are multiple recovery options available.  The hard drive is designed to handle certain amount of stress and there are multiple recovery levels.  Our technicians can give 60% assurance that the data (all your important documents and pictures) can be recovered within 24 hours.

Call us to schedule an appointment and let us assess the damage.

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