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Archive for March, 2010

Screen Replacement

LCD screenLCD screens are fragile.  Aside from physical damage (such as cracks, broken inverters, etc.), LCDs  burn out  or become very dull  from overuse.

It’s important to buy laptops from a reputable source.  Also imperative is to buy from a reliable major brand.  Though the bargin price is appealing. you might end up with unforeseen problems that will negate any savings.   A few laptops are known for catching on fire and causing health issues.

If your screen is broken, have no fear!  The first step is to figure out which part of the LCD is damaged.  We can help troubleshoot the problem and replace or repair it.

broken LCD

LCD flat panel screen technology has helped make portable computers compact and light.

Advances in efficiency, light intensity, and cost have allowed LCDs to achieve widespread application, but the innovation never stops.

LCD repair

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