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RAM (also called Memory) works in conjunction with the CPU.  As the CPU runs the set of instructions of any given program, Memory is used to do the calculations.  Memory and the CPU must be compatible in order to function properly.  For example, if the user has a CPU that specifically works with DDR3 RAM, then DDR or DDR2 can not be used in its place.
The main difference between these types of Memory (e.g. DDR2 vs DDR3) have to do with what speed the CPU performs at.  For instance, a CPU processing information at 50gb a second doesn’t mean that the computer is performing at that rate.   It also depends on the type RAM.  If the user has one DDR3 Dual Chip RAM that performs at 10ghz, the fastest the RAM can process the information is 10gbs a second (despite the performance speed of the CPU).  By adding one more DDR3 Dual Chip RAM the performance increases to 20ghz/20gbs a second.  The general rule is the more memory in the PC/MAC/laptop, the faster the device can run.

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