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Youtube.com is a video website. It is used by people to post videos so that the whole world can see them. For more information, check out the article.



Logmein is a tool. People can use it from any computer that has access to the Internet. In other words, people can access their computerized information remotely from any computer that has access to the internet.  For more information, check out the article.


AV Security Suite Virus

The AV Security Suite Virus is more extreme than the WireShark Antivirus and the AntiVir Solution Pro Antivirus.  AV Security Suite bombards the user with pop ups stating that the user is infected with a virus, opens other pop up windows for paying a fee to removal.  Even worse is that all programs are blocked (error messages display) so the virus can’t be removed.  Nor is it possible to to go online and download a removal program.  The user will have to go about removing this spyware in a round about way.  As always, if skilled, here is a procedure to manually remove AV Security Suite Antivirus from you laptop or PC.

The Buzz on Apple TV

Apple TV is getting a make over.  There’s buzz on the web that in place of the current box design, Apple TV will actually become a TV.  Check out this link for details.

In other news, Apple TV is offering Netflix streaming, TV show rentals (from FOX and ABC) and movie rentals released the same day on DVDs.  One of the more notable changes for Apple TV is that it is moving  away from downloading in favor of streaming.  Get more info by going here.

Reviews for the New Apple iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle

Apple has recently released new versions of their iPod Touch, Nano, and Shuffle.

The all devices are relatively the same as previous generations except for some added features:

Decent pocket camcorder
Browse the internet

Touch screen
Long battery life (24 hours)
Lightweight (1 ounce)

Click wheel button
14 hour battery life

Check out the following links for more reviews on the iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle.

WireShark Antivirus

WireShark Antivirus is another virus swarming the internet.  Like other fake antivirus programs, WireShark Antivirus forces your pc or laptop to run slow, view an bombardment of pop ups, cause programs to function irradically, and compromise sensitive information such as credit card numbers.  If already infected with this program, go to this link for virus removal proceedures.

Remember it’s best to run automactic programs to remove viruses.

Samsung Captivate…Captivates!

The Samsung Captivate is the new Android Phone offer from AT&T.   With an 4 inch display, the Samsung Captivate has the thinnest display availabe in the market today.  It utilizes super AMOLED technology which uses less power than conventional phones, allows for wider viewing angles and provides a lightweight design for the phone.  One of the best feature of this phone is its audience voice-processing chip which cancels out background noise. 

Read more info about the Samsung Captivate.

Is It Worth Getting the Dell Streak?

The Dell Streak is causing lots of buzz but not for its capabilities.  At 5 inches, the Dell Streak is garnering attention for being oversized and its lack of  “pocketability.”  Marketed as a tablet, it’s suppose to replace the need for lugging around multiple devices such as your cell phone or other tablet PCs. 

The consensus is the Dell Streak doesn’t quite measure up.

Avoid AntivirSolution!

Antivir Solution Pro may sound like a legitimate antivirus but in actuality it’s malaware dowloaded while surfing the internet.  Users are forced to view popups stating their systems are infected with a virus and to buy its software for removal.  The problem is once Antivir Solution Pro is download it could stop all programs from opening.  What makes AntivirSolution more of a hassel is trying to delete it from your computer!  Fortunately, there’s plenty of sites out there that offers removal procedures. 


What’s New in Firefox 4?

The release of mozilla’s new browser (beta version) offers a peak at what promises to be a powerful and faster.

Here’s some specs of what’s being offered:

  • HTML5 Support for HD Videos
  • CSS3 updated
  • Plugin crash protection
  • Reload and stop button merge into one button
  • Tabs are now on top of address bar (default position)
  • New firefox button similar to window home button

Check out this link for more details.


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