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Hard Drives

hard drive

It’s a common scenario.  One day you turn on your Laptop/MAC/PC.  Instead of the familiar Operating System logo (Linux/Windows/Mac/etc) there is nothing displayed on the screen.  Or even worse, you see the blue screen of death.  As the realization of something terrible has happened you think “My computer’s dead!”  Have you lost weeks of work, hours of free time, important files or sentimental picture?  Maybe even your job?

Well the good news is that Laptop/MAC/PC isn’t dead. The bad news is, the hard drive is malfunctioning. The hard drive is the part of a Laptop/MAC/PC is constantly in use.  While the Laptop/MAC/PC is running, the hard drive is continuously spinning at 5400 rotations per minutes.  The hard drive is always in a state ready to fetch the necessary information when you need.  Eventually the mechanical parts wear out – taking on average 3 – 5 years until the disaster strikes.

There are plenty of signs before the hard drive becomes completely disabled.  Usually the Operating System like Microsoft Windows becomes very slow, unstable, crashes with blue screens, disk not found errors on a start up, etc…

Prevention is the key.  However, if the problem has developed past the prevention point then there are multiple recovery options available.  The hard drive is designed to handle certain amount of stress and there are multiple recovery levels.  Our technicians can give 60% assurance that the data (all your important documents and pictures) can be recovered within 24 hours.

Call us to schedule an appointment and let us assess the damage.

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